West Kelowna

Moving Forward Together!

Over Rick’s three terms on Council for West Kelowna, he has worked hard, contributing to the many achievements in West Kelowna. However, there are vital projects to complete and more to be done!

“Moving forward together, building this community in a fiscally responsible manner, I believe that there are four major areas that need ongoing focus.”

Fire Rescue Services

From fires to floods and emergency response services, we rely on the team of men and women within our fire department to keep us safe. As our community grows, so do the demands on our Fire Rescue Services. West Kelowna’s fire department needs adequately maintained fire halls, equipment, and staffing. Fire Hall 32 is a primary fire hall within West Kelowna and is staffed around the clock. Unfortunately, the building is functioning at a level it was never designed to accommodate. Upgrading Fire Hall 32 will ensure that our firefighters have a proper facility from which to work. We are investing in our community safety by focusing on our Fire Rescue Services.

Policing Services

As already stated, West Kelowna is a growing community, and if we want safe streets, our RCMP policing services need to keep pace. West Kelowna Council has a role to play beyond just funding enough officers to meet our changing needs. Policing priorities for West Kelowna are set through a collaborative process between West Kelowna Council, West Kelowna staff, and our West Kelowna RCMP. Measurables need to be developed so everyone can see that the goals are being met. Our RCMP Detachment provides services not just for West Kelowna but also for the surrounding areas. We need to hold the provincial government to account so that they are paying their share of the costs. Focusing on community policing leads to safer streets and neighbourhoods.

Core Infrastructure

Essential infrastructure upgrades within our community, such as water, sidewalks, biking paths, and roads, must continue. The Rose Valley Water Treatment Plant continues to be the top priority for West Kelowna. Construction is well underway, and the plant should open in the spring of 2023. Upon incorporation, West Kelowna inherited a road network in need; there are few sidewalks and fewer bike paths. Significant progress has been made but more needs to be done. As road upgrades continue to take place, we are addressing the “sidewalks to nowhere” and developing biking networks that will eventually connect the various neighborhoods of West Kelowna. By putting the focus on this priority, we will attract families to our community.

Community Amenities

West Kelowna is a fantastic place to live, work, and play. The various amenities around our community, from ball diamonds, soccer fields, football fields, hiking trails, walking trails, Royal LePage Ice Rink, and Johnson Bentley Memorial Aquatic Centre, all help improve the quality of life. By building, improving and expanding various community amenities, we are ensuring that West Kelowna remains a beautiful community to call home.

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